5 Best Stephenie Meyer Books To Enter A Fantasy World

Fantasy can take you out of your predefined notions and reflect something which is not visible to bare eyes. In this world of harsh realities we have a right to find a peaceful corner, it might be your terrace, or garden, or a fantasy book which ultimately depends on your […]

5 Best Wilbur Smith Books for the History Lover in You

Born on the 3rd of January, 1933 in Zambia, Wilbur Smith is an acclaimed historical fiction writer who has been widely lauded for his outstanding storytelling prowess. Wilbur, as an author, has the potential to take his readers on a ride of wordplay. This, voracious story teller’s plots have been […]

10 Best Ray Bradbury Short Stories For Fantasy Lovers

Fantasy is one of the oldest and most popular genres in Short Story Writing whose existence can be traced to the 19th century and which has continued to evolve via science fiction and mystery fiction in the 20th and 21st century. Ray Bradbury is perhaps one of the most well-known […]

10 Best Beatrix Potter Books That Your Child Will Love

Beatrix Potter is one of the most celebrated children’s writers in the world. She has created some of the most memorable characters in English literature, which continue to live till day in the hearts of all, children and adult alike. Beatrix Potter books changed the way we look into our […]

10 Best HG Wells Books to Escape into a Whole New World

H.G. Wells – a name every literary enthusiast is familiar with. In his vocation as an author, Wells donned many hats ranging from a novelist, a short story writer to a biographer. However, it is for his sci-fi novels that he gained widespread prominence and recognition. Referred to as the […]

10 Best Margaret Atwood Books for Dystopian Society Lovers

The popularity of The Handmaid’s Tale as a TV series made people realize the greatness of Margaret Atwood as an author but she has written many books that are as good as The Handmaid’s Tale. Margaret Atwood’s dystopian society is a bleak place and is shown in a heart wrenchingly […]

5 Most Popular Zoos in India

India is known to be home to a number of exotic species of animals including Snow Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lion. The reasons for this diverse existence of fauna in the country are attributed to many salient factors including the tropical climate and variation in landscape, resulting in […]

Bringing it Back: The Giver

The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is a novel that stimulates deep thought’s about our world and the personal philosophy each of us holds about it. Sometimes taking a look back at a book written in older times can still be of extreme relevance today. This case is a great […]

Hemingway: The Sexist Or The Victim?

While he may be a bit of a popular and controversial figure, in the literary world and in popular culture, Ernest Hemingway has been loved on one hand and then reluctantly accepted or even openly hated in the other.  He’s been criticized in some circles for the way his writing […]