5 Best Colleen Hoover Books for Young Adults

Colleen Hoover (11 September 1979) is a new age writer whose all books have been featured in the New York Times Bestseller list. She writes books for young adults with varied themes ranging from beautiful love stories to seemingly simple everyday life and struggles associated with it.

10 Best Jackie Collins Books to Discover Romance at Its Finest

Romance is the most popular and loved subject among authors and readers alike. Some like it with a hint of pain and agony whereas others may prefer a lighter version. Jacqueline Jill ‘Jackie’ Collins (4 October 1937- 19 September 2015) is definitely one of the very popular romance author whose […]

10 Danielle Steel Books That Show Romance at Its Finest

Romance can be molded into fantasies, either dark and shady or dreamlike and bright. Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel (born 14th August 1947) has definitely nailed this genre, with over a 100 books of which most of them have been the bestsellers. Her astonishingly mainstream plots exploit the dark,

Top 5 Kristin Hannah Books To Rediscover Romance

The American novelist Kristin Hannah, who has won numerous awards including the prestigious Golden Heart and the National Reader’s Choice Award, is the go – to author for anyone who wants to re discover romance. Her most recent work blockbuster and award winning novel, The Nightingale, has been published in […]