10 Best Jules Verne Books For The Best Dramatic Representation

Here’s a list of most popolar¬†Jules Verne books well-known for the best dramatic representaion. 1. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea Jules Verne book terrorizes marines or those who work in high seas because of the monstrous creature that haunted everyone who was a part of those high seas. This […]

10 Best Isaac Asimov Books For a Futuristic Read

A time when science was just expanding its horizon beyond the general science, there were very few writers who would take up science fiction as a genre. But Isaac Asimov (January 2, 1920- April 6, 1992), a Russian born American, took up his favorite genre and produced masterpieces ranging from […]

10 Best HG Wells Books to Escape into a Whole New World

H.G. Wells – a name every literary enthusiast is familiar with. In his vocation as an author, Wells donned many hats ranging from a novelist, a short story writer to a biographer. However, it is for his sci-fi novels that he gained widespread prominence and recognition. Referred to as the […]