5 Best Robert Louis Stevenson Books To Spook You

Stevenson, the Scottish novelist and poet belongs to the Neo-romantic era of the English literature. Stevenson became a living legend through his well-known works like ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Kidnapped’. Although he got himself enrolled into the engineering school at Edinburgh, he discovered that his true calling lied in writing. Being […]

5 Best Dan Brown Books For Suspense Filled Adventures

Helen Keller said, “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” In these days, when the world has become a global village and life has become monotonous, a little sprinkle of adventure in the form of novels would definitely rejuvenate people. How would a well researched, slightly non – fictional […]

10 Best John Grisham Books For Suspense Filled Ride

John Grisham (8th February 1955) is one of those writers who laid the base for spectacular legal suspense thrillers. With numerous bestselling books, John Grisham has been a part of most young adults and older adult’s reading journey. John Grisham books have become synonymous with a perfect courtroom drama having […]

10 Best Agatha Christie Books for a Dash of Suspense

Agatha Christie’s novels have found their admirers everywhere due to some classic murder mysteries. Each of the novels have unique plots that doesn’t let suspense extricate, putting its readers at hook. Some of the finest Agatha Christie books are discussed to throw some light on her amazing work.

5 Best David Baldacci Books for a Masterful Suspense Stroke

Suspense-thrillers have the power to keep the reader glued to the book until completed. A fast paced story line with inventive plotting and the reliance of the author on the character’s relationship with each other is the signature of David Baldacci.

10 Best Mary Higgins Books To Enter A World Full Of Suspense

Books are considered to be our best friends in times of distress. They are capable to immerse us in the world of suspense, anxiety, fiction that takes us away from our temporary pain. While all books have something unique to offer to its readers yet some create everlasting impression in […]