10 Best Terry Brooks Books For A Fantasy Ride

Fantasy has never been better! Fantasy is a genre that has originated long ago but has a special place in our heart even today. This genre keeps your thoughts flowing and imagination running wild. One never knows what to expect with fantasy novels. Now, Terry Brooks is known for his […]

5 Best George RR Martin Books For A Fantasy Filled World

There might not be a single soul who has not fantasized a world like the one shown in the popular HBO series, A Game of Thrones. The man behind all the magic is George RR Martin. Dark, shady characters set in a plot spewing fantasy, horror and science fiction is […]

5 Best Brandon Sanderson Books for a Fantasy Filled Adventure

If someone is looking to get lost in a mythical, fantasy filled world including supernatural powers and god like beings, then their search can well culminate in Brandon Sanderson books. Brandon Sanderson (born 19th December 1975) is a new age American writer who has authored epic fantasy series in the […]

5 Best JRR Tolkien Books For A Trip To Fantasy Land

Where there is imagination, fantasy is bound to exist. Right from a child to the most grown up human being, fantasy rejuvenates and keeps the mind fresh. When we refer to fantasy in English literature, the name of Tolkien inadvertently crops up, for without him the history of Fantasy literature […]

5 Best Stephenie Meyer Books To Enter A Fantasy World

Fantasy can take you out of your predefined notions and reflect something which is not visible to bare eyes. In this world of harsh realities we have a right to find a peaceful corner, it might be your terrace, or garden, or a fantasy book which ultimately depends on your […]

10 Best Ray Bradbury Short Stories For Fantasy Lovers

Fantasy is one of the oldest and most popular genres in Short Story Writing whose existence can be traced to the 19th century and which has continued to evolve via science fiction and mystery fiction in the 20th and 21st century. Ray Bradbury is perhaps one of the most well-known […]