10 Best Robyn Carr Books For Romance Lovers

Romance has undoubtedly been the most loved genre in the book industry and time to time there have been authors excelling at the genre sharing their successful and failed experiences in love. A feeling that confuses the majority of the population with its complexity and amazes them with its simplicity. […]

10 Best Mitch Albom Books That All Fiction Lovers Can Enjoy

Mitch Albom was born in New Jersey on 23rd May 1958. He received his master’s degree in journalism. He has worked as an author, a columnist, a journalist for several press agencies such as the Detroit Free Press, Sports Illustrated, GQ, The New York Times and USA Today. He has […]

10 Best Bernard Cornwell Books For Historical Fiction Fans

Bernard Cornwell, a historical fiction writer from England is well known for his novels about English History. He is best known for writing novels with plots set in the Napoleonic Wars and American Civil War. Interestingly, Cornwell started writing novels when he couldn’t get a work permit in the USA […]

10 Best Terry Brooks Books For A Fantasy Ride

Fantasy has never been better! Fantasy is a genre that has originated long ago but has a special place in our heart even today. This genre keeps your thoughts flowing and imagination running wild. One never knows what to expect with fantasy novels. Now, Terry Brooks is known for his […]

10 Best Jojo Moyes Books For The Romantic In You

The British journalist and novelist, Jojo Moyes is one of the few writers to have won the Romantic Novel of the Year twice. Moyes is skillful in creating empathetic characters and further adding depth to them. Jojo struggled early in her writing career with three of her manuscripts getting rejected. […]

5 Best Elie Wiesel Books That Every Fiction Lover Will Love

Elie Wiesel is an American-Romanian writer and the author of “Night”, the first autobiography of a holocaust victim and survivor. Being born a Jew, Elie was sentenced to the Nazi Concentration Camp towards the end of the IInd World War. He has also written over 57 fiction and non-fiction books […]

10 Best Elin Hilderbrand Books For A Sunny Romance Read

Romance lovers ahoy! Literature has come a long way today. Elin Hilderbrand, an American writer is known for her summer beach read romance novels. We are obsessed with her light yet utterly beautiful works. Now, if you’re a romance fanatic like we are, you are in the right place. Grab […]

5 Best Ann Rule Books To See A Whole New Perspective Of Crime

Crime and investigation is one of the most loved genre read by bookworms all over the world. The few names that instantly pop up are Enid Blyton, Sydney Sheldon, and the likes. However, there is one author who didn’t receive much of the limelight but a few good books can […]

5 Best Stephen Covey Books To Educate Yourself

If there is one constant in our lives that we can unconditionally rely on, they are books. Reading cannot be called a hobby when it is so much a part of your life as having breakfast is. There are times when one can feel low and out of form and […]