5 Best Patricia Cornwell Books For The Best In Crime Fiction

Well corroborated facts, suspense element, life like characters and latest technology used for crime solving are the major catches of Patricia Cornwell books. Best known for Scarpetta series, Cornwell’s books have been major influences in the making of T.V series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

10 Best Jules Verne Books For The Best Dramatic Representation

Here’s a list of most popolar Jules Verne books well-known for the best dramatic representaion. 1. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea Jules Verne book terrorizes marines or those who work in high seas because of the monstrous creature that haunted everyone who was a part of those high seas. This […]

10 Best Jeffrey Archer Books For The Best Politics Inspired Fiction

A reader can only expect nothing but the best political thriller when it is coming from a politician himself. Jeffrey Archer had a controversial political career and it was then when writing became his savior. After losing considerable money and reputation he built a new niche for himself after his […]

5 Best Elena Ferrante Books For The Best Of Literary Fiction

Elena Ferrante is one of those Italian writers whose books could infect every literary reader. Her engaging writing abilities, most notably visible in her Neapolitan series, are based on mysteries of love, power of self belief, value of human relationships, can make anyone obsessed with her writing.

10 Best Richard Scarry Books For Children

When it comes to children books, Richard Scarry must particularly be mentioned. This is because his only area of work was producing works particular to children and his number of works crossed three hundred which is a distinguished achievement in this area of English literature. Though not critically acclaimed by […]

10 Best Jodi Picoult Books That Show Ethical Conflicts

Everyday people face various circumstances that create personal conflicts between what needs to be done and what should be done-the omnipresent ethical question. It needs amazing power of mind to transform a base like this into a full blown novel.

5 Best Ian Fleming Books To Rediscover The Brilliance Of James Bond

A book filled with heart throbbing actions and a racy story with ample of divulgence of the genius ideas of the protagonist is as much of an adventure as watching the movie version. Ian Fleming books are capable of hooking the reader till the end and the experience is nothing […]

10 Best Debbie Macomber Books To Experience Classic Romance

A spur of the moment can become crucial in deciding one’s journey in life. Debbie Macomber has turned her weakness into strength and has been producing blockbuster romantic novels without ever looking back. When dyslexia stood in the way of her formal education, she took upon the arduous task of […]

3 Best Khaled Hosseini Books For Realistic Fiction Lovers

Fiction can only be as good as reality when the writer has an exceptional sense of pulling out words from fond memories, painfully raw truth and yearning for love. Khaled Hosseini books are all set in backdrops of major historical events that occurred in his native country, Afghanistan.