Here’s a list of the 5 best Cormac Mccarthy books to make you fall in love with horror:

1. The Road

Novel depicts father and son traversing a destroyed city of America with little hope of getting rescued. They move through a landscape that seems to be of everlasting length with hardly any outside help. Novel belongs to a typical post-apocalyptic genre with survivors struggling to reach safe destinations amid chaos that appear unending. Here too, father-son duo fights for their survival amid little hope running like blood in their veins. Their message to general readers is more powerful than script of the book; it shows father-son chemistry amid unfavorable circumstances. How they care for each other’s little issues is a perfect example of what author wishes to narrate to general audience. Cormac Mccarthy Novel offers consistent thrill to its readers with story moving at uniform pace.

2. No Country for Old Men

This novel is based upon the famed survival instincts of Llewellyn Moss, who accidently gets involved into an unfinished agenda of drug dealers. Due to the drug deal going wrong he finds loads of cash among several dead bodies. His acceptance of the cash triggers apocalypse wherein deadly violence imbibes in the city’s tragic fate. His evading skills of compels  him to run like a beast not only to save himself but also to avoid cash being used for unlawful purposes. Compared to ordinary crime novels, Cormac McCarthy books put more charisma and purpose behind the killings and witch-hunt for the protagonist’s wild run for his life.

3. Blood Meridian

Sensational novel by Cormac Mccarthy highlights the historical events of eighteenth century that prevailed in America. A small town little boy, unintentionally becomes the victim of other people’s bloody, gory and devilish instincts. His struggle for self-survival is not so easy when people around him are killing Native Americans for nothing but non-sense mental vile dilemma. What’s more shocking to know is that events are based on real things that were a part of dark and bloody American history. Texas borderlands were not so horrifying until we read this novel and come to know more about that daredevil boy’s survival journey.

4. All the Pretty Horses

First in the McCarthy’s famous series, “The Border Trilogy”, story tells about the adventurous journey of two companions who are destined to fight more adversity than anyone has ever done. Cruel offenders are blood thirsty who are at war with innocent civilians and are bent upon killings without purpose and mercy just to spread fear of uncertainty in the area. Story includes all shades of life like comedy, helpfulness, fear, and danger at most of the times and occasional serenity. Story runs at a pace that makes novel more gripping for the enthusiasts. McCarthy has certainly tried to include some humor as well with great bonding between the companions as well.

5. The Crossing

Second in the series of “The Border Trilogy” story starts from where it ended in its previous novel. Fiction is at its best when McCarthy describes it in his lucid yet gripping language, Billy and Boyd’s journey unfolds unimaginable events which leave a lasting impression on their rudimentary acumen. Their journey sparks mysterious events that lead to their encounters with she-wolf whom they restore in mountains of New Mexico, face-offs with bandits, gypsies, roving tribes and other forsaken people. Beautifully crafted story evokes great fear among the brothers who are facing all odds and return to their city to find situations that didn’t prevail there, in any sense. One brother gets blessed with his beautiful destiny that honors him with great, pleasing surprises however other one tragically meets his fate.

McCarthy has the best skills to narrate severe anguish of contemporary situations in a simple language. Cormac Mccarthy books are written with innocuous chauvinism that only affects its readers in a positive way. His thoughts are eclectic in a sense that they showcase an event in a multi-dimensional way which makes a clear impression in reading minds without creating any dilemma.

Last Updated: 8 August 2018