Top 5 Lewis Carroll Books for You To Escape Into

Apart from his famed book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll has written many more popular novels. Through his gifted hold over English and sheer perseverance he has managed to surprise people with bringing out most popular novels one after another. With his profound interest in kids he took up […]

10 Best Mark Twain Books That Made Your Childhood Better

Literary excellence is not restricted to academic but is instead a god-gift. This belief has truly been proved by Mark Twain who with his phenomenal thinking has raised the quality expectations of readers throughout the world.

10 Best Beatrix Potter Books That Your Child Will Love

Beatrix Potter is one of the most celebrated children’s writers in the world. She has created some of the most memorable characters in English literature, which continue to live till day in the hearts of all, children and adult alike. Beatrix Potter books changed the way we look into our […]