Here’s a list of the 5 best Jen Hatmaker books to get closer to your faith:

1. For the love: Fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards

Jen Hatmaker has indeed changed my perception about the humanity, made me more comfortable and confident in handling various situations of life that demands patience and luck.  Though Jen Hatmaker books contain a lot of spiritual content yet this one indulged in touching my inner feelings alighting my soul and wisdom. It has taught us to put aside all differences and have faith in Jesus. Since it is the only way to solve most of the complicated problems that life has ever thrown to us. Greatest impact on our minds and actions is set up by people we come across; they can be our closed ones, office associates, enemies, or any other person who we meet intentionally or unintentionally. This book has prompted me to await other editions of same author based on the same concept. I wish if I could be gifted with this book in order to face the life more boldly. I felt enormous impact after reading this book.

2. 7: An Experimental Mutiny against Excess

This book simply took my soul in permanent custody. Words cannot define the euphoria it created in my body after self- awakening we spend our resources on million things, most of the times they are unwanted and rarely we find our spent resources to be wanted. A very nice demonstration of how an average upper middle class American family trim their extravagancy that is not just monetary but also nonfinancial domains like stress, clothes, food etc. One should pick one’s unnecessary spending out and try to include some thriftiness in one’s living. The advantage of ruling out such wastage will certainly take us closer to God. I could live motivated and make others the same by recommending this intense touching book, one of the best books for the society.

3. Of Mess and Moxie: Wrangling Delight Out of this Wild and Glorious Life

Jen Hatmaker has waved aside traditional astonishing beliefs about women who are always a substance of speculation. No other person on this earth can handle all of life’s emotions in a similar way than a woman. Author illustrates how a woman could change other’s perception by only sticking at her self-belief and inner strength. Amazing stories that are included in this book will make us laugh at the same time there are some painful lessons that should be always there in one’s back of the head. Life will certainly let us down with its tests however it is up to us to decide if are going to stand up against it or not. Women have showed us the courage she has inherited from God. Forget about her child, a woman can also take care of her entire family including her emotionally fit husband.

4. Interrupted: An Adventure in Relearning the essentials of Faith

If you seek solace you should certainly read all of Jen Hatmaker books. Though her books are somewhat repetitive yet there is something unique in each of those. Non-Christians find this book equally lovable justifying Jen’s hard labor and path of enlightenment. Jesus lived with great simplicity and set us highest emotional standards that cannot be mimicked however there is some discipline that we can certainly bring in our lives to stay blessed. Spendthrifts can undoubtedly find some joy in crossing their limits but such joy is temporary. As per Jen, living a simple life is much more satisfying and required to pass this life’s roller coaster ride.

5. Out of Spin Cycle: devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load

Those who have not read Bible can get aware of its moral preaching by scrutinized reading of this book only. It left me flabbergasted to know how many responsibilities a young mom burdens.  A young mom moves through different emotions and yet sticks to her naturally blessed job to take care of her young kid. Setbacks that a mom experiences are only temporary and biggest ones are also not that big. A mother has a God inside her heart who constantly guides her unlike men. God helps out a mother in distress if she keeps faith in him. Feel enlightened and possessed of one’s powers by reading this book.

Last Updated: 8 August 2018