10 Best John Grisham Books For Suspense Filled Ride

John Grisham (8th February 1955) is one of those writers who laid the base for spectacular legal suspense thrillers. With numerous bestselling books, John Grisham has been a part of most young adults and older adult’s reading journey. John Grisham books have become synonymous with a perfect courtroom drama having […]

10 Best JK Rowling Books That Make You Love Fiction Even More

Harry potter has without doubt become a household name globally in the last decade or two. Harry, Hermione and Ron have become names synonymous with friendship and Voldemort has come to signify evil. Such large scale internalization of characters does not happen if the story does not enthuse the readers […]

10 Best Isaac Asimov Books For a Futuristic Read

A time when science was just expanding its horizon beyond the general science, there were very few writers who would take up science fiction as a genre. But Isaac Asimov (January 2, 1920- April 6, 1992), a Russian born American, took up his favorite genre and produced masterpieces ranging from […]

10 Best Ken Follett Books For A Thrilling Experience

Kenneth Martin ‘Ken’ Follett is the master craftsman of thriller novels, usually set in real historical backgrounds. With award winning series of novels to books that were at the New York Times Bestseller list, Ken Follett books are nothing short of classic thriller masterpieces.

5 Best Zane Grey Books For A Taste In Adventure

In this modern age of mostly monotonous work, who doesn’t want a burst of adventure in their lives in some form? Adventure appeals to all age groups and people from different regions and social backgrounds alike because it captures the most basic emotions and passions.

5 Best Colleen Hoover Books For Young Adults

Colleen Hoover (11 September 1979) is a new age writer whose all books have been featured in the New York Times Bestseller list. She writes books for young adults with varied themes ranging from beautiful love stories to seemingly simple everyday life and struggles associated with it.

10 Best Jackie Collins Books To Discover Romance At Its Finest

Romance is the most popular and loved subject among authors and readers alike. Some like it with a hint of pain and agony whereas others may prefer a lighter version. Jacqueline Jill ‘Jackie’ Collins (4 October 1937- 19 September 2015) is definitely one of the very popular romance author whose […]

5 Best Rick Riordan Books To Enthrall You

Young readers who are in the search of ancient mythologies with a new and modern twist, then Rick Riordan books are all they need. Rick Riordan presents a beautiful amalgamation of fantasy, mythology and detective fiction in all his works.

5 Best Brandon Sanderson Books for a Fantasy Filled Adventure

If someone is looking to get lost in a mythical, fantasy filled world including supernatural powers and god like beings, then their search can well culminate in Brandon Sanderson books. Brandon Sanderson (born 19th December 1975) is a new age American writer who has authored epic fantasy series in the […]