5 Best Jane Smiley Books For The Best In Fiction

A figment of an author’s imagination, bejeweled with life like characters and a brilliant but believable plot gives the best fiction novels to the readers. Jane Smiley books are amongst the top rated fiction books till date. Her books cover a vast expanse of topics ranging from suburban, warm social […]

5 Best Robert Greene Books For A Strategized Reading

Here is a list of the 5 best Robert Greene books for a strategized reading: 1. The 48 laws of Power Robert Greene book is preferable to all other books of self-motivation because it not only teaches you what you want to hear but also what you don’t want to hear. […]

10 Best Francine River Books For Inspirational Romance

Here is a list of the 10 best Francine Rivers books for inspirational romance. 1. Redeeming Love Though there is no dearth of exceptional writers who have given Yeoman’s service to the society that was not apparent never before yet there are some rarest of the rare masterpieces that have rocked […]

3 Best JJ Smith Books To Lose Weight Quickly

People face many issues related to their body, work, finance etc in this fast paced life. However majority of them across America and Europe have similar issues relating to excess weight, belly fat, heart related ailments etc. Such issues relating to excess fat and belly fat are not innate but […]

5 Best Jen Hatmaker Books To Get Closer To Your Faith

Here’s a list of the 5 best Jen Hatmaker books to get closer to your faith: 1. For the love: Fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards Jen Hatmaker has indeed changed my perception about the humanity, made me more comfortable and confident in handling various situations of life […]

10 Best John Steinbeck Books To Broaden Your Outlook

The vital element in anyone’s personality is the range of perspectives they have or how broad their outlook is when looking at or analyzing a particular issue. This is a globally accepted measure of being aware of surroundings which is plays a very important role both in personality development and […]

5 Best LM Montgomery Books For The Best In Historical Fiction

Here is a list of the 5 best LM Montgomery books: 1. Anne of Green Gables Most often, we cannot believe the fact that a person can accept his adopted parents when he has already survived a long period of loneliness belonging to no one. True was the case with […]

5 Best Patricia Cornwell Books For The Best In Crime Fiction

Well corroborated facts, suspense element, life like characters and latest technology used for crime solving are the major catches of Patricia Cornwell books. Best known for Scarpetta series, Cornwell’s books have been major influences in the making of T.V series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

10 Best Jules Verne Books For The Best Dramatic Representation

Here’s a list of most popolar Jules Verne books well-known for the best dramatic representaion. 1. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea Jules Verne book terrorizes marines or those who work in high seas because of the monstrous creature that haunted everyone who was a part of those high seas. This […]

10 Best Jeffrey Archer Books For The Best Politics Inspired Fiction

A reader can only expect nothing but the best political thriller when it is coming from a politician himself. Jeffrey Archer had a controversial political career and it was then when writing became his savior. After losing considerable money and reputation he built a new niche for himself after his […]