5 Best Alexandre Dumas Books For History Lovers

One of the greatest French writers of all time, Alexandre Dumas, created several valiant heroes, unattainable and breathtakingly beautiful heroines and scheming antiheroes that the world literature has ever seen. This nineteenth-century novelist published some of the well-known historical adventure novels that leave a lasting impression on the minds of […]

5 Best Gayle Forman Books To Enter A Beautiful Fictional World

Gayle Forman is an award winning adult fiction writer whose call to fame was through her romantic novel “If I Stay” which was later converted into a widely acclaimed movie. She is also a journalist and has written for several major American publications including Jane, The New York Times Magazine, […]

10 Best Anthony Bourdain Books To Cook Up A Storm

An American chef and author of numerous books, Anthony Bourdain is best known for hosting Travel Channel’s programs on culinary and cultural adventure. His career trajectory is admirable with professions ranging from a dishwasher to chef on both sides of the Atlantic. His articles and essays have featured in The […]

10 Best Paulo Coelho Books To Learn Something New

Paulo Coelho’s life itself could be illustrated in the form of a book. He was admitted into a mental institution during his adolescent years because his parents attributed his rebellious attitude to a mental disorder. Here he was subjected to electroshock therapy. He then went on to study law however […]

10 Best Robert Ludlum Books For A Thrilling Adventure

Robert Ludlum was a famed American author most popular for his epic series “The Bourne Trilogy”. In his entire lifetime, Robert Ludlum penned down 27 novels which are available in various languages across the world. His books have the power of teleporting your mind into the realms of mind boggling […]

5 Best Jonathan Franzen Books That Will Make You Love American Fiction

Jonathan Franzen is an ambitious and one of the best American novelist. A lot of his novels deal with stories of ordinary American families described in a compelling style. His characters are not super geniuses, they are not criminals nor do they possess great magical powers. Yet ‘The Corrections’ sold […]

5 Best Robert Louis Stevenson Books To Spook You

Stevenson, the Scottish novelist and poet belongs to the Neo-romantic era of the English literature. Stevenson became a living legend through his well-known works like ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Kidnapped’. Although he got himself enrolled into the engineering school at Edinburgh, he discovered that his true calling lied in writing. Being […]

10 Best Stephen King Short Stories To Spook You Out

Here’s a list of the 10 best Stephen King short stories. 1. The Shining Somebody having reverence for great writers would definitely not miss out with Stephen King, a prodigy ever since he was a teenager, matured into a much more controlled and sophisticated writer. His polished writing skills can leave […]