5 Best Jeff Kinney Books That Your Kids Will Enjoy For A Long Time

In the age of digital empowerment, parents want their kids to focus on material learning and imaginative creativity; instead of just nudging gadgets. Reading books is the best way to enlighten little minds. A cartoonist turned writer, Jeff Kinney is a household name because of his famous work, Diary of […]

10 Best Haruki Murakami Books That Show The Best Of Fiction

Here’s a list of the 10 best Haruki Murakami books that shows the best in fiction. 1. Kafka on the Shore Those who believe that “life is a fairytale in childhood” might be true most of the times but few children live their darkest phase during childhood. It’s not all about […]

5 Best Judith McNaught Books To Experience The Best In Romance

Romance entwined with a historical plot, depicting sensual romance is the signature of Judith McNaught books. She is ascribed with the creation of a new genre of romance, known as the Regency Historical. Her stories focus on traditional romance adorned with intense emotional and sensual trimmings. Her later works also […]

5 Best Anne Perry Books For The Detective In You

Frenzied readers have long obsessed over the thrill and the details of a detective fiction like those of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Viewing the world through the eyes of a detective is quite a fantasy by itself. The detective series of Pitt and Monk have lived up to the […]

5 Best Priscilla Shirer Books For A Devotion Filled Reading

Faith knows no boundaries; all that matters is the devotion filled heart that leads to Him. Priscilla Shirer started as a Christian Evangelist and a motivational speaker, but she rose to fame with her fiction and non-fiction works. Priscilla Shirer books are full of optimism and uplift the spirit of […]

5 Best Virginia Woolf Books For Fiction Lovers

During an era when women were supposed to be in the four corners of a house, tending to their family’s needs, Virginia Woolf broke all shackles through her bold and assertive literary works. She is considered as a modernist writer who focused on topics including sexuality, feminism and her own […]

5 Best Chuck Palahniuk Books To Know The Other Side Of Fiction

An author’s ideologies, experiences and point of view in contemplating situations are the major influences over his/her work. For readers who are looking for something more than regular fiction, Chuck Palahniuk books can be excellent choice. The protagonists of his books are mostly characters which are actually cornered in mainstream […]

5 Best Dav Pilkey Books That Your Children Will Love

With regard to the antics of Dav Pilkey in his incomparable majestic novel series, Captain Underpants, he has been worshipped as the rising sun. You would fascinate why I say such strong words about him. And the answer is his humor and perseverance in sticking to basics while including creativity […]

5 Best Joyce Carol Oates Books If You Like General Fiction

Here is a list of the 5 best Joyce Carol Oates books about general fiction. 1. We were the Mulvaneys Those critics, who scoff at Joyce Carol’s book writing skills blaming them to be not very touching and serious, should read this book. Book features a Newyork based affluent, prosperous and […]